Mirchi Café 100% Hand Zabiha Halal

Mirchi takes pride in their commitment to offering food that is thoughtfully prepared. We research all of our ingredients to insure that they all meet the 100% Halal standard. Our burger patties are all mixed and hand shaped on premise. We do not use any prepared or processed meat products. We make everything in-house including all of our spice mixtures, pizza dough and chicken broth. We use 100% Hand Zabiha Halal meat from Tayyibaat in Milpitas, Ca. that is free of hormones, antibiotics and is humanly slaughtered. Our chicken comes from Pittman in Fresno, Ca. and our beef comes from Harris Ranch in Fresno, Ca. Mirchi Cafe is 100% Halal. We do not serve alcohol or allow it on our premise. The Cheese we use is free of animal rennet and all of our desserts are made with alcohol free vanilla extract and our gelatin is confirmed Halal. We are HFSAA certified by Mufti Shaykh Abdullah Nana www.halaladvocates.org