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Welcome to Mirchi Café Custom Catering Events. Let us help you create your dream event. We offer all areas of experience such as Food Catering, Drinks, Desserts, Rentals and Venues.  This service will help you plan your next event by taking you step by step through this process. Each step will give you a detailed list of the categories, you then select your choices and create a wish list. Once you have completed your wish list, a copy will be sent to you via email and an email will be sent to our catering specialist and they will be contacting you soon after. A consultation appointment with our specialist will be scheduled to help with the fine details of your event. We provide you with a full service experience so you can enjoy your event.

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Mirchi Cafe was inspired by my many trips with my husband to Pakistan and my love of cooking in the restaurant business. We specialize in an eclectic cuisine that focuses on the flavors of India, Pakistan and Asia brought out through comfort American classics like burgers, pizza, fried chicken, club sandwiches and Asian style stir-fry to name a few. We offer a comfortable atmosphere that is family friendly. We make everything in-house including all of our spice mixtures, pizza dough and chicken broth. We use 100% Halal meat that is free of hormones, antibiotics and is humanly slaughtered. Mirchi Cafe is 100% Halal. We do not serve alcohol but we have a large selection of interesting drinks we blend to order like our famous Mango Lassi. We are always committed to quality and consistency.
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