Mirchi Cafe was inspired by my many trips with my husband to Pakistan and my love of cooking in the restaurant business. We specialize in an eclectic cuisine that focuses on the flavors of India, Pakistan and Asia brought out through comfort American classics like burgers, pizza, fried chicken, club sandwiches and Asian style stir-fry to name a few.
We offer a comfortable atmosphere that is family friendly. We make everything in-house including all of our spice mixtures, pizza dough and chicken broth. We use 100% Halal meat that is free of hormones, antibiotics and is humanly slaughtered. Mirchi Cafe is 100% Halal. We do not serve alcohol but we have a large selection of interesting drinks we blend to order like our famous Mango Lassi. We are always committed to quality and consistency.




Fresh ingredients, assertive flavors and a spicy way of life.
Lisa Ahmad’s comfort food blends fresh local ingredients with bold Indian and Asian flavors, always with a focus on quality. Everything is made from scratch in-house. You’ll find a tantalizing range of snacks, salads, sandwiches, stir-fry, specialty dishes, masala pizza and desserts. Ask your waiter about our fun and exciting drink menu.




Lisa Ahmad, born in the Bay Area vividly recalls visits with her grandparents to their family’s Italian restaurant, Lucia’s, where she had her first taste of understanding the hard work and devotion her Grandparents put into their restaurant.

Inspired by the family tradition bringing her closer to her grandparents, she decided to pursue an AOS degree in Culinary Arts. Graduating from the California Culinary Academy of San Francisco at the age of 20, Lisa interned at La Patisserie Francaise, a French Bakery in San Francisco, where she worked with bread, cake and pastries. Upon her graduation the duo embarked to Khursheed’s homeland, Pakistan, where she found herself drawn to the cuisine, adding another layer in her understanding of cooking styles and use of spices. While in Pakistan she received the tragic news of her Grandfathers passing. When she arrived back in the Bay Area she decided to continue to work at Lucia’s. During this time period Lisa worked in all aspects of the business. It was an honor to work in her Grandfather’s footsteps.

In 2000 she took a break from her family’s restaurant to open her own catering business, Sophia’s Delights, named after her daughter. She returned once again to her family’s restaurant, but a year later the family made a joint decision to close. However in 2004, the desire to further expand her culinary horizons, led her back to her catering business. This was her opportunity to create the business she had always dreamt of. Mirchi Café opened for business September 1, 2004.

Lisa’s cooking passion has led her to many different cuisines. She specializes in all areas of food technique. Ethnic foods from India, Pakistan, China, Thailand and Morocco are a constant favorite. Classic American, Italian and French hold a special place in Lisa’s food experiences as well. She also has extensive knowledge in bread, cakes and pastries. Her focus is always fresh & local when possible, healthful whole food.

Currently, Lisa takes part in many culinary opportunities including cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, high school mentoring, food articles, food blog (lisaahmad.com) photography and restaurant consultation. She lives in Fremont, CA. with her husband and four children.